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Tips & Trick

Tips and Tricks

Font Size, Change Color, Animation, Gradient 

Add Article Post

Blog Post, SEO, Blog List

Sync Header Footer

Navigation, Navbar

Sync Design

Color, Font, Dark Mode, Light Mode, Style

Customize 404 Page

404, Redirect, System Page

Manage Account

Delete Website

Remove Site, Remove Blog

Delete Account

Remove Profile

Cancel Subscription

Pause Subscription, Delete Subscription, Request a Refund

Third-party Services

Buttons and Links

Payment, Contact Form, Ticket, Dropdown, Calendar, Book a Call

Add Video

Youtube, Vimeo, Loom

Embed Blocks

Web App, Testimonials, Video, Form, Music, Instagram, Linkedin


Analytics, Data Management, Live Chat, AI, Payments, Automation

White Label

Regenerate AI

AI Assistant, Regenerate, Fix Grammar, GPT-4

White Label Solution

Agency, Domain, Logo, Email, Login Page


Dark/Light modes

Dark Mode, Light Mode, Background Color


Google Font, Custom Font

Text Style

Bold, Italic, Bullet Point, List, H1, H2, H3

Accent color

Palette, Color Picker


Full Logo, Square Logo, Favicon, Logo Size

Change Icon

Icon Library, Icon Size, Icon Color

Change Image

My Assets, Stock Photo, Unsplash, Pexels, Giphy, Tenor, .PNG, .JPG .GIF .SVG .WEBP


Add block

New Block, New section

Change layout

Variations, Custom Style, Padding, Gap, Background Image, Background Color

Web Page Settings


Page Title, Page Description, Media Image

Custom code

HTML, JS, CSS, Integration,




Custom domain

DNS records, Registrar, CNAME, CAA, GoDaddy, Cloudflare, Hostinger

Publish Page

Published, Unpublished, Page URL, Page Slug

Remove branded badge

Upgrade Pro, Made with

Add New Page

Website page

New Page, Add Page, Language, Start From Scratch, Template, General Page, Request Template

Blog post

New Blog Post, Add Blog Post, Keyword, SEO

Social media content

X (Twitter) Post , LinkedIn Post, Instagram Captions, Google Ads, , Email



Full Logo, Square Logo, Favicon, Logo Size

Train AI

Business Name, Business Description, Default Language

Social media accounts

X (Twitter) , LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Support Email. Company Address

Custom domain

DNS records, Registrar, CNAME, CAA, GoDaddy, Cloudflare, Hostinger

Multiple Websites

Create new website

Start, Template, AI, AI-Powered Template

Add team member

Invite, Editor, Developer, Owner

Duplicate, Delete or Archive a page

Rename,  Archive, Clone, Duplicate, Publish, Unpublish, Move to, Copy To


Pro Plan

Plans, Badge, Custom Code, Unlock

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