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How can I regenerate content with AI?

1. Click on any text on your page that you wish to edit.

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2. Click on the floating AI Assistant pill located at the bottom center of the page.

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3. Choose from the pre-set AI text styles you wish to apply to your text and regenerate it.

You can:

a) Regenerate: Get a fresh variation of the current text
b) Fix Grammar: Fix the grammar
c) Shorten: Make the content concise
d) Expand: Expand the content a bit
e) Casual: Make the content tone a bit casual
f) Formal: Make the content tone a bit formal

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You can type your prompt, then click the corresponding button to apply that prompt to the text.

For example, you can write:

- Add emojis
- Translate to [Language]
- Make it funny

and more.

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