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How can I update Buttons and Links on my website?

1. Simply click on a button or a link you want to update. 

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2. Update the labels of buttons or links.

3. Choose the desired action for this button or link.

a) URL
b) Open Page
c) Apps
d) Anchor

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Button Apps


Use built-in integrations to open as a modal upon clicking. You can use these services:

a) Forms
b) Payments
c) Book call
d) Tickets 

Simply create a form, a product, a calendar, or an event in the available apps and provide only the code to connect them.

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Here are some beneficial tutorials for each app that you can utilize on your website:



Book Call


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Other Button actions


Simply input a URL that you wish to navigate to.

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Open Page

You can choose a page from your website to explore.

Note: only your published pages are visible here.

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You can configure a button or link to scroll to a section within the same page.

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