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What is CNAME Flattening?

In short, it's a feature that allows you to add a CNAME to your root / apex / naked domain. Traditionally, you can only add CNAME to a subdomain, like or . However, there are some providers who now allow you to add CNAME to your root domain, like

You can read more about CNAME Flattening here.

Does my provider support CNAME Flattening?

Different providers implements CNAME Flattening in different ways, and they also call it with different names: CNAME flattening, ANAME or ALIAS .

Supported ✅
 - Cloudflare (CNAME)
 - Namecheap (ALIAS)

Not Supported ❌
 - Google Domains
 - GoDaddy

My provider doesn't support CNAME Flattening, ANAME, or ALIAS. What should I do?

The easiest thing to do is to bring your domain into Cloudflare. Cloudflare is free and offers an array of other amazing features as well.

 You can follow this tutorial to add your domain to Cloudflare.

Once your domain is in Cloudflare, you can easily use their CNAME Flattening feature by simply adding a DNS record of type CNAME to @ .

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